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Who is the University of Okoboji?

Have you ever seen shirts with this crest on them and wondered just where is the University of Okoboji? The University of Okoboji started small, but now boasts of being the best known non-existent University in the Country! 

It all began when the owners of a small clothing store in Milford, Iowa printed a few t-shirts with the crest and school motto, which is "IN GOD WE TRUST, EVERYONE ELSE...CASH". 

When Herman Richter, co-owner of 'The Three Sons' clothing store had those first t-shirts printed, he couldn't have imagined how big the "university" would become. The U of O sponsors many activities around our "campus" all year that draw people from all over our beautiful Iowa Great Lakes Region. In 1988, the formation of the University of Okoboji Foundation was announced. 

Excerpts from the "school scrapbook" is perhaps, the best way to explain the University of Okoboji and what it is all about.

The Three Sons

Today The Three Sons is a second generation family run store.

As Dean of Student Affairs, Herman, with his unmistakable “thumbs up” continues to be active in the store, University of Okoboji, and a multitude of community events. Paula helps with buying, store operations, and enjoys cycling and hiking.

Their sons Matt and Mark, part of the store’s second generation, are both ISU graduates. Matt and Mark help with University of Okoboji events and store operations. Daughter Mia (not pictured) is an Iowa grad and works in higher education and fitness consulting. 

After 60 years, Emil still holds the title of Head Cheerleader Scout for the U of O. He is a volunteer firefighter on the Milford Fire and Rescue Squad. Sue assists in store operations and enjoys being a professional volunteer for several community organizations.

Their son Brian, also an ISU graduate, is a member of the second generation and assists with store operations. His wife, Ashley, assists as a buyer for The Three Sons. They have two children, Rowan and Sienna. Daughter, Jenna, is married to Will Dible, and they have three children, Mason, Sullivan, and Estelle. Will works for Spencer Community Schools and Jenna has a 24/7 job as a Domestic Engineer. 

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