2019 Events & Meetings–watch for locations updates

March 4th - Remingtons Restaurant  in Spirit Lake

April 1st  - Hutt in Arnolds Park

May 6th - Okoboji Motor Co in Spirit Lake

June 3rd - The Ranch in Everly

June 15th  - Autocross - see website for more details

June 29th - Progressive Car Cruise for club members

               Start at Larry Dixon at 4 PM

               Leave 5 PM head to Langstraat’s Shed

               Burgers will be provided, bring dish to share 5:30 PM

               Leave 7 PM head to Arlin Kiel’s Toy Shed

               Ice Cream and touring of Shed at 7:30 PM

July 1st - Marthalter Worthington Mn - with $10 tour at Spomer Motors

August 5th – Open yet

August 26th - Lakes Auto Sport in Spirit lake

October 7th – Open

November 7th - H&N Motors in Spencer Iowa

December 1st - to

Watch for more meeting and events in 2019!

Home 2018 calendar:

If you have a event you would like to organize please email uofocorvetteclub@hotmail.com and we will communicate and post on this page

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